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About Us


Vocalist and Guitarist Evan Whitford (Left) and Bass Guitarist Jordan Left (right)

PSYCHOWARD is an American Punk Rock duo based in Los Angeles, California, founded in August 2018 by Singer-Songwriter Evan Whitford and bass guitarist Jordan Left. Initially a trio of High School students, the group started to play  shows locally with a blend of original and cover songs, along with a taste for chaotic live shows. 

The duo released their debut EP Black Lagoon, Inc., on December 10th, 2020 a single called Grilled Cheese (Edwin's Song) on April 16, 2021, and a cover of the Violent Femmes' Blister In The Sun on October 15th, 2021.

Psychoward announced an indefinite hiatus on the same day Blister In The Sun was released. Evan is now working on a project called "Suspended In Cobwebs" and Jordan is working on a project currently called "The Foes".

About the Members


Born in 2003, Evan developed an interest in music when he was 10 years old. He was inspired to learn to sing professionally and learn guitar after being inspired by Green Day records in his early teenage years. At around 15 years old, he began writing music regularly and experimented with unique structures and harmonies. Evan is inspired by artists like My Chemical Romance, Mr. Bungle, Queen, The Mars Volta, Misfits, and David Bowie. When not making music, Evan writes film reviews that are published on his Letterboxd page. He  lives with his family in Glendale, California,


Jordan grew up surrounded by music, and adored it at a very young age. He took guitar lessons early on in his life, but he started to take it seriously in his teenage years after collaborating with Evan. Jordan is influenced by artists like Grateful Dead Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson, Kanye West, Black Sabbath, and Motörhead. On the side, Jordan loves fashion, film, traveling, amusement parks, and partying. He is currently studying Music Business at Emerson College.

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