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Psychoward Announce New Single “Grilled Cheese (Edwin’s Song)”

Psychoward, who released their debut EP “Black Lagoon, Inc.” back in December, announced they will be releasing a standalone single titled “Grilled Cheese (Edwin’s Song)” on April 16th, 2021 across all major streaming platforms.

Grilled Cheese had become a staple of the band’s set at the majority of Psychoward’s live performances. As live performances took a step back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group began translating the song for an ambitious studio recording.

Psychoward has been active since 2018 as a small High School passion project. Taking pointers from various rock, punk, and heavy metal powerhouses, the group developed a signature raw energy that is to be expected of the upcoming single. The group currently consists of Evan Whitford on vocals and guitars and Jordan Left on bass and synthesizers. Grilled Cheese will be the first Psychoward track to be self produced by Whitford, who believes it will lead to a sound with no limits and boundaries.

To contact the group for guest lists, interviews, and more, email them at

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